The Campaign

Purpose: The Campaign seeks to reform policy and to challenge needs-based deficit models. It focuses on:

  • changing community perceptions, demonstrating that all people have talent that can be nurtured
  • promoting young people’s talents and providing them with an opportunity to have a voice and influence.

Key Question: Who advocates for the young people to be recognised as individuals with talent?  

The Campaign explained: The Campaign ultimately aims for high-level policy and public shifts in thinking about young people, away from a deficit model and towards a society where young people can turn their talents into viable assets. The means of developing and delivering on a Campaign include mentoring young people to become advocates for change. This may be done through: 

  • the media
  • the use of positive language
  • developing practice tools with an OT sensibility
  • focusing on specific policy change on an issue effecting young people 
  • investing in young people’s talents. 

The Campaign

The foregrounding of the Education First Youth Foyer as a Model has great importance in changing practice and perceptions of working with young people. 

Artwork title: Bamboo
Artist: James Barreca

I chose this image because it reminds me of tranquility, peace and solitude