Core components of the Model

Open Talent is the DNA of the Model. It is a way of thinking that permeates all aspects of Education First Youth Foyers. The OT approach enables young people to achieve sustainable livelihoods by focusing on, and harnessing their talents, skills and abilities. It calls for an investment in young people’s capabilities rather then investing in solving their problems. This approach is embedded throughout all aspects of the Model, which comprises 3 Phases and 6 Service Offers underpinned by 5 Key Partnerships, outlined next.

Open Talent asserts that instead of investing in these young people's problems, the community needs to re-direct investment to building and nurturing their abilities and harnessing them for personal as well as social good.

Artwork title: Abstract
Artist: Saphire Thomas

Orange is for passion… the abstract was to put a bit of feeling and emotion into it