Young people's path to independence

Young people take diverse pathways into adulthood; they do not necessarily take a linear or prescriptive path meeting definitive milestones along the way.

Whatever path a young person takes, the development of a positive and ‘stable enough’ sense of self, combined with a positive asset base of skills, resources and opportunities is key to making a positive transition to independent adulthood.65 Negotiating relationships, developing life and independent living skills, understanding sexual identity, developing an understanding of what they value and stand for are all part of this journey.

The EFY Foyer Model and Practice Approach are designed to enable young people to develop this stable enough sense of self and assist them to:

  • become independent yet connected adults
  • determine who they are and what they want to do in the future
  • realise they are capable of establishing a sustainable livelihood – secure housing, income that they can live independently on, managed health and wellbeing, key living skills
  • develop the capacity to flourish/thrive.

The EFY Foyer strives to enable each young person to identify who they are now, who they want to be in the future and what they want to do.

Download the Footnotes from Practice Framework (PDF, 90 KB)

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