The Service Offers

The inclusion and development of these 6 Service Offers to young people are grounded in research and practice evidence that highlights the role of these domains in facilitating young people’s successful transition to adulthood.

The conceptual frameworks developed for each of the Offers provide an addendum to the EFY Foyer Practice Framework. They detail the different components and processes of each Offer, the rationale for their development and delivery, and outline the practice model, the operational approaches and some of the tools that can be used to implement the Offers.

The conceptual frameworks also demonstrate how the Offers link to each other, and to the Model and Open Talent approach, and are designed for use by EFY Foyer practitioners, educators, those developing and delivering youth services and other stakeholders, including government and non-government agencies, businesses and philanthropists.



A key component of the Education First Youth Foyer Model is the provision of 6 Service Offers to young people living at the Foyers: