Civic Participation Offer


The Civic Participation Offer supports all EFY Foyer students to engage in community activities and to become active and valuable members of their community so they can develop a positive purpose in their own lives and contribute to improving the lives of others and the broader society in which they live.


The purpose of the Civic Participation Offer is to facilitate young people’s active participation in their community. This is vital if they are to build social capital and connections, but it will also provide them with an understanding about the social, civil and political mechanisms of society. EFY Foyer students are supported to advocate on their own and others’ behalf, and to recognise themselves – and to be recognised – as an active and valuable member of the community with rights and responsibilities. In addition to contributing to a socially inclusive society, civic participation contributes to creating a positive purpose in the lives of EFY Foyer students and gives them agency over their own lives and the communities in which they live.

The Civic Participation Offer encourages service-connected young people to engage in the community by facilitating self-directed opportunities that enable them to understand their rights and responsibilities within the community, and to develop a positive sense of purpose.

Related Material

Please download the Civic Participation Offer Conceptual Framework (PDF, 5MB)