Employment Offer


 The Employment Offer will provide EFY Foyer students with the opportunity to set career goals and aspirations, to develop personal, social and practical employability skills, to gain workplace experience and, ultimately, to achieve paid employment and strengthened career networks for sustaining employment options into the future.


The Employment Offer will provide resources, opportunities and support to:

1.              EFY Foyer students to:

  • develop meaningful career goals and aspirations and plans to achieve them
  • develop the necessary skills to get and keep a job
  • access accredited education and training relevant to their career goals
  • strengthen their networks and social and community connections to facilitate employment outcomes
  • build their experience of work and of economic participation
  • access ongoing employment and advancement opportunities.

2.              Employers to:

  • implement meaningful work experience, internship and/or work placement opportunities and programs within their organisation that are responsive to the needs of both EFY Foyer students and their organisational and/or business needs
  • understand the support needs of young people experiencing disadvantage
  • access workers who can meet their organisational and skill needs
  • provide customised work preparation and pre-employment training programs for potential recruits from among the EFY Foyer students
  • provide ongoing support to EFY Foyer students within their workplaces to enhance their effectiveness and retention.

The Employment Offer presents a new approach for service-connected young people that aims to increase their access to, and participation in, the labour market, and address structual and personal barriers to accessing employment.

Related Material

Please download the Employment offer conceptual framework (PDF, 2.7MB)