Housing and Living Skills Offer


The Housing and Living Skills Offer ensures that all EFY Foyer students are supported to realise their potential through the provision of safe, affordable and high-quality student housing, which they can use as a foundation for their participation in mainstream educational opportunities. This includes providing students with opportunities to gain the skills and access to the resources required for them to make a successful transition to independent living.


The purpose of the EFY Foyer Housing and Living Skills Offer is to formalise a new ‘offer’ to service-connected young people. Its aim is to provide them with a safe, stable housing setting as the platform for their participation in a range of formal education and informal learning opportunities, delivered through the 6 Service Offers and key partnerships.

This Offer also aims to build the capabilities and resources of students to transition successfully to independent living after Foyer. This includes the development of tenancy, financial, living and self-care skills that are essential for them to manage and maintain safe and secure housing and independent living arrangements.

In addition, the Housing and Living Skills Offer has a deliberate focus on a sustainable housing outcome that maximises the chances of students achieving both social and economic participation in the longer term. This requires a consideration of housing pathways after Foyer that recognises the lack of affordable housing options for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Support for students to access and maintain a range of housing options as they transition from Foyer will be provided for 12 months after their stay in Foyer.

The Housing and Living Skills Offer provides an integrated approach to housing which recognises that young people need time, support and access to opportunities to build the foundations for a sustainable livelihood.

Related Material

Please download the Housing and Living Skills Offer Conceptual Framework (PDF, XYMB)