Social Connections Offer


The Social Connections Offer seeks to equip EFY Foyer students with the social and emotional knowledge, skills and opportunities to develop thriving social relationships and networks (including with family, friends, partners and services) and, ultimately, to have sustainable connections with helpful support and resources.


The Social Connections Offer will provide resources, opportunities and support for EFY Foyers students to:

  1. Develop meaningful social connections goals and aspirations and plans to achieve them
  2. Engage in relevant, meaningful activities (e.g., social activities, sporting clubs, support groups, house meetings) to develop positive, supportive connections with adult facilitators and peers through the sharing of interests, thoughts, ideas and feelings
  3. Access mainstream resources and supports (e.g., family mediation, counselling) relevant to their social connections’ goals
  4. Develop the necessary skills to build and maintain relationships (e.g., communication skills, cooperation, conflict resolution, empathy, understanding social norms)
  5. Access ongoing opportunities for social connections both in Foyer and post-Foyer.

The Social Connections Offer presents a new approach to building service-connected young people's social, emotional and relationship skills and to ensuring they have the capacity to build thriving relationships and networks into the future.

Related Material

Please download the Social Connections Offer Conceptual Framework (PDF, 3.9MB)