The Deal

Purpose: 'The Deal' is the ethos behind the EFY Foyer Model. It is designed to prepare young people for the real world and the expectations associated with sustaining an independent livelihood. It does this by upholding both the rights and responsibilities of students and staff. In turn, students and staff are accountable for their actions and a culture of reciprocity is fostered. Holding young people in high regard instills in them a sense that they are valued members of society with something to contribute.

Key Question: What grows the young person’s understanding and real stake in society?

'The Deal' explained: Within the EFY Foyer, the ethos of 'the Deal' is embodied in a number of ways.

The Deal Checklist outlines the specifics of the ‘something for something’ agreement between students and the EFY Foyer. By signing this checklist, shared values, principles and expectations are communicated and agreed.

Students are accountable for remaining engaged in education, training and employment, activities, civic life and responsibly maintaining their accommodation. This is marked in the Residency and Participation Review where a student’s participation is measured, and ongoing security of tenure is dependent on meeting a benchmark.

Equally, by naming staff responsibilities to students 'the Deal' is designed to communicate that staff are accountable for their work with students, in particular, their responsibility for leveraging opportunities.

'The Deal' progresses personal goals and choices and cultivates the practice of learning and reflection. Through access to opportunities, networks and resources young people will have the capacity to make personal changes leveraged by the EFY Foyer. It provides an opportunity for students to work on proposals so that they can access a resource or opportunity in exchange for providing a resource or opportunity to other students or the community.

By promoting a culture of reciprocity and by expecting something from young people, the Deal is designed to instil in them that they are both valued and can add value to society. This is key for young people’s sense of self, enabling them to navigate their lives After Foyer confidently.

 This isn’t somewhere where you can muck around; it’s somewhere where you can study, work and just not take for granted. We’re adults here (James, EFY Foyer student). 

The Foyer Federation in the UK, through the My Nav project, has developed the Foyer contract to give the young person more control by enabling them to understand:

What they are committing to

What is on offer to them

How they can be involved in tailoring the approach

How they can grow through the process to reach a more sustainable and positive adulthood

How they can evidence their achievements.82

 It gives us some leverage instead of being stuck between a rock and a hard place, it gives you a leg up (Eliza, EFY Foyer student). 

'The Deal'

'The Deal' progresses personal goals and choices and cultivates the practice of learning and reflection...

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