A distinctive Model

The Victorian Education First Youth Foyer Model has the following key features:

1. Education First

Engagement in education and/or training is the priority. Stable accommodation and support are the means to facilitate young people’s engagement in education and employment.

2. An Open Talent approach

EFY Foyers embed an Open Talent approach in all practices, processes and tools from the development stage. Founded on advantaged thinking, this approach promotes and builds young people’s skills and capacities.

3. A multidisciplinary, 24/7 staff team

Who work to coach and develop young people rather than adopting a traditional case management approach.

4. Mainstream

EFY Foyers prioritise engagement in mainstream education and services, as demonstrated by:

  • their location on TAFE campuses, which ensures they are comparable to other university-style student accommodation
  • the Education Offer provided by mainstream educational providers
  • the Employment Offer provided by mainstream employers
  • their links to community networks and facilities (e.g., sporting clubs, service clubs, etc.) and universal services (community health, etc.).

5. Viable Model

With student accommodation for 40 people, EFY Foyers have sufficient scale to ensure:

  • the financial viability of the Model
  • the potential for replication and reform to programs for youth in transition
  • the ability to attract philanthropic and corporate funding, resources and opportunities.

6. Evidence informed

Developed, implemented, reviewed and evaluated with reference to available evidence on the experience, needs and good practice models for young people.

7. Governed through ‘top-down and bottom-up’ partnerships

This includes essential government departments: Victorian Department of Education and Training (formerly Department of Education and Early Childhood Development), Department of Human Services, community service agencies, education and training institutions, employer bodies, local government, business, service clubs and philanthropy, community programs. These partnerships are underpinned by key, signed-off agreements.

Education and lifelong learning are at the heart of the EFY Foyers with... young people given the time, personalised attention, coaching and access to the opportunities needed to develop education and training pathways that lead to sustainable employment.

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