Health and Wellbeing Offer


The Health and Wellbeing Offer seeks to build and promote positive health among all students. Through engagement in the Offer, students are supported to access, engage in and develop the skills to build positive physical, mental and emotional health.


The Health and Wellbeing Offer holds an important position across the other five Service Offers. In order for young people to achieve their goals in education, employment, social connectedness, civic participation and housing and living skills they need to be flourishing. By holding health and wellbeing as a central component of the Offers the aim is for those young people accepted into the EFY Foyer as students to develop the skills, capabilities and resources needed for them to thrive and flourish. When students have reached this position they will be much better placed to achieve the goals identified through the other five Offers, most especially in education.

Students will flourish and thrive by:

  1. developing meaningful health and wellbeing goals and aspirations and plans to achieve them
  2. participating in health and wellbeing programs to develop sustainable habits for optimal physical and psychological health
  3. learning and putting into practice the necessary skills to adopt healthy, sustainable lifestyles
  4. strengthening their networks and social and community connections to facilitate health and wellbeing outcomes and sustain healthy lifestyles
  5. accessing ongoing health and wellbeing opportunities both in Foyer and post-Foyer.

The EFY Foyer will assist students to flourish and thrive by:

  • recognising, enabling and resourcing their capacity to make positive changes relating to their health and wellbeing
  • assisting them to develop the skills to thrive in life
  • providing them with advice and assistance, often from formal and informal sources, to develop realistic health and wellbeing aspirations and goals
  • enabling access to the right people and networks to develop their social capital and achieve their health and wellbeing goals
  • fostering relationships with EFY Foyer staff, mentors, volunteers and external agencies, as this can have a profoundly positive impact on young people‚Äôs health and wellbeing, life skills and life chances
  • brokering access to a range of health and wellbeing opportunities to enable young people to thrive, including access to group work programs, one-on-one coaching meetings, information sessions, inspirational talks and referral to specialist services.

The Health and Wellbeing Offer does not just focus on mental health or positive emotions... but includes physical health and wellbeing, relationships, purpose, meaning and spiritual health.

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Please download the Health and Wellbeing Offer Conceptual Framework (PDF, 1.5MB)